Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, They Exploited a Disabled Child. But What Great PR!

As a communications professional, I say "bravo" to this manufactured "news." As a voter, I say "shame on you" for deceiving Americans with this manipulative PR stunt -- featuring the exploitation of a girl with Down Syndrome. In short, after Sean Hannity featured a caller who described meeting McCain and Palin during a campaign stop. The next day, that same caller just happened to get through to Rush Limbaugh's show and even sent Rush photos of the candidates posing with his daughter with Down Syndrome. Politicians have sought out babies for photo ops for years -- I guess Palin's making an extra effort to find the ones with disabilities.

In the Huffington Post, former radio host Taylor Marsh says, "When Hannity has a caller on, then that same caller suddenly and miraculously appears on Rush's show, which evolves into a big PR event, it's not by accident. Manufacturing these events is what the right-wing does best. Using a Down Syndrome child to help their candidate get votes is just their latest low."
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