Sunday, September 28, 2008

Should McCain Have Selected TODD Palin for VP?

Here's an interesting article demonstrating that "Not All Conservative Evangelicals Support Palin." It seems many conservative, Christian, home-schooling parents aren't so crazy about McCain (because he's not conservative enough) or Palin (because her focus is on her career and not her children, including one who's pregnant and one who has special needs). Some parents "are opposing Sarah Palin simply because they believe that she should stay home and take care of her family instead of getting involved in politics or who believe that it is wrong for a woman to have any authority in the public arena."

Since many evangelicals still believe a mom's place is in the home, maybe a safer pick for McCain would have been TODD Palin. You know -- let the man be VP and keep the wife at home to raise and teach the five young 'uns. And the possibilities for campaign slogans would be endless -- "Todd Was Sent by God." "Got God? Elect Todd." Or "This Will Show Those College-Educated Elitists."
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