Monday, September 8, 2008

"Parents of Special-Needs Children Divided over Palin's Promise to Help"

From an article in the International Herald Times :

"To those in Alaska who work with children with special needs, Palin's pronouncement was surprising; the disabled have not been a centerpiece of Palin's 20 months in office or any of her campaigns for office. She signed legislation that would increase financing for children in Alaska with special needs — though she was not involved in its development — yet that state is the subject of two lawsuits that allege inadequate services and financing for those children, particularly those with autism."

According to the article, when asked what Gov. Palin will actually DO as an advocate for children with special needs, her spokesperson answered cryptically: "She is going to be an advocate in the White House on multiple levels, because she understands the issue, what's needed, and what works."
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