Monday, September 8, 2008

Disability Advocate Weighs the Facts

This "non-politically savvy" disability advocate (and mother of a girl with physical and mental challenges) examines the candidates' positions on issues affecting children with special needs and their families.

"Families with children and/or adults with special needs would like nothing better than the government to stay out of our business, because I've witnessed some incidences where it is more of an intrusion and hurt more than helped. However, in most cases we don't come from wealthy families and need financial help. Most of us with family members with special needs are hard-working 'regular' people, who may not live in a small town, but who are willing to pull up our sleeves and do what's necessary to enhance the quality of life for our special needs children and ourselves. Yet, many of us can't work because there's not adequate and qualified day care for our children. And what about healthcare, among the many issues in this area that need addressing, one is that many of us have our own health challenges."

She concludes, "I am even more dissuaded that the Republican party has my family's interest at heart."
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