Saturday, September 13, 2008

A "Yawning Gulf" Between Palin's Words and Actions

BREAKING NEWS: Not all women support Gov. Palin's candidacy. If you don't believe it, hop on over to Women Against Sarah Palin, where I found this post:

"In all the fuss about Sarah Palin’s moose hunting, religious views, and beauty pageant career, something has been lost: whether her words match up with her record. [She said families of special-needs children will have a "friend and advocate in the White House."] "Really? Because the parents of children with disabilities in Alaska don't have much of a friend or advocate right now. Even in years of great surplus, she actually cut state funding for special education services and Medicaid—the program that children and adults with disabilities rely on for health care.

"You can search in vain in any of her speeches, or budgets, for any evidence of her newfound 'advocacy' for the things that people with disabilities in Alaska and our country really need: equality. Rather than fight for the educational services which the law says children with disabilities are entitled to, she has cut them. Nor has she fought for, or even shown an interest in, promoting the integration of people with disabilities from institutions and into our communities. Governor Palin shouldn't be judged on how she looks, how many children she brings on stage, or whether she kills her own food. Americans want to know if her words match her actions, whether she is the real deal. And on disability rights, there's a yawning gulf between her talk and her actions. That is something that should give us cause for alarm."

Posted by Fraser N., Salt Lake City, Utah
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