Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan's Medicare Plan: The Threat to Disabled Americans

In an Aug. 21 article in the Los Angeles Times, David Lazarus reports, "The Disabled May Be Hurt Most by Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan." The article points out that Governor Romney's running mate's plan to reform Medicare would have a devastating effect on the 8 million people with disabilities covered by the program.

The article quotes Tricia Neuman of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation: "People with disabilities are among the most vulnerable of the Medicare population. They have chronic conditions that require ongoing care, and, in many cases, they have relatively low incomes."

Lazarus: "The question is: Do we live in the sort of country that turns its back on people in need? Or do we live in the sort of country that rises to the challenge of giving everyone a fair chance at a healthy life?"

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