Friday, October 19, 2012

Ayn Rand and Disabilities: Part 2

[Read Ayn Rand and Disabilities: Part 1.]

In this compelling piece, Mike Lux writes, "Ayn Rand Thinks He's a Parasite, but My Brother Kevin Contributes Greatly to Our Society."

About his brother, who has muscular dystrophy and several other disabilities, Lux says, "Kevin is one of those people whom followers of Ayn Rand's philosophy would call a leech on society. Rand believed that people with disabilities were leeches and parasites on society, and that the 'parasites should perish'....

"Kevin has shaped my values and philosophy of life, and given me a perspective on policy issues. Conservatives are obsessed with the idea that somewhere, somehow there are lazy 'undeserving' welfare recipients, but more than 90 percent of government support dollars go to the elderly, people working hard but still below the poverty line because of low-wage jobs, and very disabled people like Kevin – those whose middle-class families like mine would be plunged into poverty if we had to pay for all their medical costs on our own....

"A society that does not value my brother Kevin at least as much as it does the Wall Street titans who grow rich as they speculate with other people's a sick society.

"A government that would cut support to middle-class families trying to support their disabled children, so the wealthy can get more tax breaks -- a government that actually decides to help the wealthy and powerful more than the poor and disabled -- would be a government with no decency. That is what Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Republicans are proposing for us. Their hero Ayn Rand would be proud."

Thank you for sharing your personal perspective, Mike.

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