Monday, October 17, 2016

Time for People With Disabilities to Show Their Power and Vote

From the Special Education Law Blog:

"Persons with disabilities now represent the largest minority group in our country's electorate....35.4 million people with disabilities, which represents one-sixth of the U.S. electorate, are eligible to vote. When family members of the disabled are included, the number of Americans directly affected by disability swells to 62.7 million....

Charles Fox, who runs the blog, points out that several key issues are at stake:

  • protecting Medicaid and Social Security Disability
  • ensuring that children get the special education services they need
  • protecting people from violence
  • and much more.
Fox does not express his personal political beliefs on his blog, but he closes with this:

"It has been an ugly and brutal presidential election cycle. It is time for all voters who have disabilities to take a good hard look at the candidates....Viewing the websites and conduct of each candidate should readily inform voters with disabilities and their loved ones with all they need to vote with knowledge of who will support their interests. Register, vote, and let our power as a community be felt."

I couldn't put it any better. Vote.

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