Monday, October 17, 2016

Get the Facts:

I'm going to report on a few of the most important issues facing people with disabilities, but I will only scratch the surface compared to what's already available on the new website, created by special education lawyer Maureen Graves. Like me, Maureen strongly supports Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and she doesn't hide that fact. But the analysis is not the emotional, name-calling, hate-filled rhetoric you see so much online these days. Instead, she provides factual summaries of the candidates' past records and proposed policy positions on critical issues, including:
On the site, you'll also find:
  • Records of the vice presidential candidates
  • Information about close Senate races
  • Critical Supreme Court cases and issues
  • And other resources
Kudos to Maureen for creating such a thorough resource for people who care about these issues. And she even cites sources, which is often lacking in Facebook and Twitter posts, to name just a few places you'll find false or misleading claims. Read my Q&A with Maureen.

Please read about the issues you care about, and vote.

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