Thursday, October 27, 2016

From a College Student with Autism: "Why Hillary Clinton Deserves Disabled Community's Support"

In a powerful and persuasive op-ed in Vassar College's student newspaper, Jesser Horowitz shares her personal story, her relationship with Hillary Clinton, and why she urges all people with disabilities to vote for Clinton.
She writes: "I believe that Hillary Clinton can be the Amer­ican president the disabled community of this country has been waiting for: a champion of dis­ability rights that can finally bring our issues to the forefront of American politics where they belong. She, more than any other candidate in the history of America, shows a unique understanding of the struggles that disability poses....
"Most candidates for public office feel content addressing the major issues and ignoring the people that are impacted by them. They’re great at talking, but they’re terrible at listening. This becomes especially prominent when addressing issues of disability. Donald Trump doesn’t even mention the word disability on his website, yet he feels the need to comment about how vaccines cause autism on national television.
"Hillary Clinton differentiates herself from al­most every other politician through her passion for listening. She has a unique ability to ensure that voices are heard, and she utilizes that ability when crafting policy. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with an extensive, detailed plan on how promote disability rights. That is because she is the only candidate who truly appreciates the power of listening and learning from people. That quality is essential in performing the responsibilities of pub­lic office generally and addressing issues facing the disability community specifically. It is that ability that will make her the best advocate we have ever had in the White House."

Read "Why Hillary Clinton Deserves Disabled Community's Support."

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