Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain: Sarah Palin is "Uniquely Qualified" to Cure Autism

I was hoping that Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin would eventually outline a plan to help children with special needs. Last night on Fox News, they again failed to do so, but McCain did tell the American people that Palin is "uniquely qualified" to cure autism. Really.

Sean Hannity gave McCain and Palin a series of softball questions, and yet they still refused to offer any plan for children with special needs and the families who are raising them. In fact, Palin said nothing on the topic. McCain said: "At our town hall meetings, we have lots of families show up with children that have autism and other special-needs families. Obviously, Sarah Palin wants to take on that task of helping relieve the burden..find what's causing autism...find a cure for it. And those responsibilities not only would I like for her to do, but she's uniquely qualified to do."

Watch the video for yourself, starting at 2:26. The blog Autistic Living has more commentary.

If Sarah Palin is "uniquely qualified" to discover the cause and cure for autism, her talents will be wasted as vice president. Instead, she should be in a laboratory right now putting her genetic and neurological expertise to good use. Or maybe she should head the National Institutes of Health or the World Health Organization. But not VP.
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