Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In Interview, Palin Confirms She Has No Plan for Children with Special Needs

In a rare interview tonight, with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, Gov. Palin came up empty when asked a direct question about how she would help children with special needs. This was her best chance so far to articulate a plan -- but instead, she contradicted herself by calling for a spending freeze in one sentence and increased funding in the next.

At first, Palin tried to get away with her tired, rehearsed talking points -- "working with families with kids with special issue that's near and dear to my heart...I look forward to making the world more welcoming to children with special needs."

But then, Van Susteren finally asked the question I've been asking in this blog: "On the issue of special needs, there are lots of mothers with extra needs. What exactly would you do to help them?" Palin stumbled, first calling for increased funding -- until Van Susteren reminded her that in response to the previous question, she had agreed with Sen. McCain that we should impose a government-wide spending freeze. Palin then retreated, talking about "prioritizing" and shifting money around.

When pinned down, Palin contradicts herself every time she's asked a specific question that can't be answered with simple talking points that her team of Bush advisors have given her. She and McCain miss no opportunity to bash government and government spending. Then, when it's convenient, she talks about the need for more funding, with no plan and no apparent knowledge of the federal programs that impact the "real folks" she supposedly represents.
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