Monday, January 23, 2017

President Trump Reveals Disability Agenda

Sorry for the clickbait headline, but here's the current disability page on The URL for this page was

You'll see the same blank page if you look for the link to contact the Disability Issues Outreach Team or the fact sheet on expanding opportunities for people with disabilities. President Trump's campaign had no position on its website, and now his administration has removed all references to disability policy and rights on the official White House website.

Read "Trump White House Takes Down Website Pages About Disabilities."

Please contact me if you see any disability information added to the White House website. I will gladly share it with others. In the meantime, you can recall the many ways that President Obama supported people with disabilities on this archived page -- And don't tell anyone at the White House, but is alive and well -- full of helpful information about benefits, civil rights, education, jobs, health, housing, and more.

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