Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

If you're a father, have a father, or are married to a father, this article by Sharisa Lewis in the Examiner in Dallas is for you: "Dads of Special Needs Kids Deserve Extra Honor, Praise."

I'm not sure I agree with Sharisa's headline. As one of the fathers she's writing about, I think fathers with children with special needs (like all parents) do everything we do because we love our children and want what's best for them.

Sharisa makes a good point about President Obama's recent speech challenging fathers to be more involved with their children. He said, "We need to step out of our own heads and tune in. We need to turn off the television and start talking with our kids, and listening to them, and understanding what's going on in their lives."

But Sharisa accurately points out, "Fathers of kids with special needs have an extra challenge to reconnect each day with that child. Sometimes it comes easily, some days it doesn't seem worth the effort. Applause to all the fathers who keep on loving and building up the child with special needs, even through the disappointing days."

(That's me and my daughter in the photo above. It's a few years old, but I've always liked it.)

Happy Father's Day.
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