Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Use of "R" Word Draws Apology from Bill O'Reilly

You read that right. Someone on "The O'Reilly Factor" said something offensive (no surprise) and then -- under pressure -- Bill O'Reilly acknowledged the comment was offensive. In a comment about the economic stimulus package, Dick Morris scoffed at President Obama, saying, "What he didn't quite explain to me -- and maybe I'm a little retarded about this -- is how are you going to get banks to give people car loans when the government is elbowing them aside?"

When this show aired, actor John C. McGinley of the TV show Scrubs, who has a son with Down Syndrome, was at the Special Olympics Winter Games, and he and several Special Olympic youth delegates let O'Reilly know how they felt about it. Watch their video.

O'Reilly heard them loud and clear. On his show, he said, "...McGinley...and the Special Olympics people contacted us objecting to the word 'retarded...' We understand that word stigmatizes millions of people... we are sensitive to the point. Shouldn't use that word." Read Tim Shriver's column on the incident.
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