Saturday, December 13, 2008

Toys for Kids with Special Needs

With the holidays approaching, I'm going to take a break from politics to share some information about toys for children with special needs. Maybe it will be helpful for your own child or someone you know.

- AblePlay offers online ratings of toys' appropriateness for children with special needs. It's an independent company -- they don't make and sell their own toys.
- They don't make it easy to find, but Toys R Us has a section for "differently abled toys." An awkward name, but you get the point.
- The Dragonfly Toy Company has toys that help develop motor skills, provide visual stimulation, and encourage exploration. (Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of toys are no longer available.)
- Enabling Devices is a great resource. They feature adaptations of classic board games like Hi Ho Cherry-O.

If you have others to recommend, add them to this post!
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