Friday, November 4, 2016

Father: Reject Trump to Protect People Like My Son

[This post contains no personal insults, no reference to emails, and nothing about sex. But please read it anyway.]

Blogger and author David Royko is literally begging people to not vote for Donald Trump. Why? Because he understands the threat a Trump presidency would represent for children like his his son Ben, who has autism. Read "Please, We BEG You, For Ben's Sake, Keep Trump Out."

Like other parents with firsthand experience with disability, I can relate to David's opinion in many ways. Most parents plan for the time when their child will move out, get a job, and live on their own. For fathers like David and me, we know our children will need specialized support their entire lives. The reality is that the future of Ben and other children "is 100 percent dependent upon our government," he says. "There is no other option."

In looking at next week's election, David says, "Even if Hillary Clinton is the biggest liar on our planet and is a despicable person, nothing in her history suggests she would dismantle our government, or that she would be unpredictable in absolutely extreme ways."

This is a critical decision for our country, he says, because the current system is "functional but rickety." A seemingly small change -- defunding a program, eliminating a "wasteful" agency, appointing an unqualified leader -- could have devastating effects on families that are already struggling.

David makes his final case this way: "I am begging ― BEGGING ― everybody to consider people like Ben....This is personal for our family and specifically the most vulnerable member of our family, and the most vulnerable members of many people’s families."
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