Monday, August 3, 2009

Secretary Duncan Asks Schools for Seclusion/Restraint Policies

Disability Scoop reports that Education Secretary Arne Duncan has sent a letter to all state education heads to formally submit their policies on seclusion and restraint in schools.

From Disability Scoop: "The request follows a government report released in May that documented hundreds of cases of allegedly abusive or deadly uses of restraint and seclusion tactics. It included cases of teachers holding students face down for hours, gagging them, leaving them in dark, closet-like spaces for hours at a time and preventing students from using the bathroom, among other allegations. Nearly all of the allegedly abusive cases involve children with disabilities. Soon after the report was released, Duncan told members of Congress that the report included 'very disturbing, troubling information.' He said he would ensure that all states have policies in place for handling seclusion and restraint in schools before the new school year begins."
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