Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Easy Way to Make a Big Difference for People with Autism

I serve as a state advocacy coordinator for Autism Speaks, but as a parent, I have a personal appeal for you. Health reform is moving along without a critical component -- assurance that insurance companies will be required to cover autism services. You can help by making two phone calls, sending two emails, and telling your friends about this.

Most urgent, call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at 202-225-0100.

Also important, call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at 202-224-3542.

If you aren't sure what to say, you can use these messages:
"Hi, My name is _______________. I am calling from (your city, your state). I want you to know that health care reform that does not stop autism insurance discrimination is unacceptable. People with autism deserve coverage for the treatments and therapies that will help their medical condition. Thank you."

You can also email Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid.

Read more about these issues and how you can get involved.
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