Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Budget Cuts Hit Most Vulnerable

No surprises from this New York Times article, "States Slashing Social Programs for Vulnerable."

"Battered by the recession and the deepest and most widespread budget deficits in several decades, a large majority of states are slicing into their social safety nets — often crippling preventive efforts that officials say would save money over time." In Arizona, 1,000 people don't have home aides to help them bathe, take care of their homes, and visit their doctors. Ohio and other states have cut back on child welfare investigations, which is likely to lead to more injured children and foster care.

I'm looking for good news. How are government agencies, communities, and families finding creative ways to help people with disabilities and others who need support? One encouraging sign is an increase in volunteering -- as jobs become harder to find, it appears more people are doing more community service. If you come across other glimmers of hope, please share them with me -- we can all use some good news.
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